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There was a dead silence in the air. No one knew what to expect, and I don't think they wanted to know, at least I didn't. I just kept thinking to myself, I'm just 18 years old. We were on our way back to base camp, riding in the back of a military transport truck. We were riding in a military transport truck on our way back to base camp. Everyone's eyes were focused around but never directly at someone. It was almost wrong to look or say something to anyone. I sure as heck didn't want to be the first, I was directly involved with the incident.

During the summer of 1998, a big hurricane, called "Mitch," hit Central America. It leveled homes and killing tens-of-thousands of people. No place was hit the hardest than Honduras. Honduras was hit harder than any other place. The president of the United States decides to give humanitarian aide to the victims and have the U.S.

military rebuild part of the country.

It was January 1999 when I heard the First Sergeant address the Company, "In an ongoing effort to keep peace and help the less fortunate, we of Foxtrot Company have been assigned the mission of helping in the rebuilding effort of Honduras." I remember those words as if I had just heard them yesterday. The mission would be called "Operation New Horizon". I had just graduated from Combat Medic training in November of '98, so this was an exciting time for me. I thought to myself, this "Iis why I joined the Army." The mobilization date (the date we were to leave) was April of 1999 and we were to return in June of 1999. Who is they? They had a lot of other units rotating through for a...