Club IT Part Two

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Running head: Club IT Part Two

Club IT Part Two

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Club IT Part Two

Club IT is a downtown nightclub whose owners Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada manage 19 employees and a community looking for a place to let loose. The music is playing, club goers are eating, drinking, dancing, and a good time is being had by all. The staff is working hard and interacting well with the nightly club patrons. To the potential patrons, Club IT looks to be a very successful nightspot. Despite the look of success, Club IT has some serious information management issues to address, if the club is to be a true success and have the longevity that the owners are seeking.

When reflecting on the mission statement, it is important to remember that Ruben and Lisa want Club IT to be a place where the community meets regularly.

Currently Club IT primarily plays more upbeat music that may only appeal to some. When implementing a customer orientation strategy, keeping the customer happy is the main tool in improving competitiveness. To do this Club IT must "provide a personalized, one on one relationship with each customer" (Rainer & Turban, 2008) and this may be difficult to do because currently there is no customer feedback other than the physical feedback in the club itself. The intranet that is currently being used for both employees and customers isn't very interactive for the customer. The customer may make purchases for club merchandise but isn't allowed to have a voice. Some item the company can add is an interactive playlist for music that members can request songs they want to hear, or surveys that the owners can work...