Coastal management of the Botany Bay area in Sydney Australia.

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Botany Bay- Recreational/ Commercial Fishing


The issue I have chosen to cover, relating to Water Management is recreational and commercial fishing in Botany Bay.

Botany Bay is a large estuary located to the south of Sydney Harbour, which has significant natural, cultural and historical values for the community. It encompasses a rich and diverse aquatic habitat, which includes over 230 fish species.

Over the years, in addition to becoming a growing residential area, the bay and its immediate surrounds have come to a variety of uses that have been harmful to the environment including industrial sites, ports, airports, oil refineries and recreational activities. In particular, one of the main threats is commercial and recreational fishing. The effects fishing has include effects on food webs and fish communities, by-catch of non-target species and impacts on aquatic habitats. Other environmental impacts of fishing and boating in general include littering, damage to seagrass from anchoring and propellers, and bank erosion from boating wakes.

Due to contaminants in fish and other seafood, the amount of pollution in the water and the health risks that have arose some areas of Botany Bay have been banned of fishing. However commercial industries and recreational fishers are just crowding to less spoiled areas of Botany Bay to do more damage.


One of the major new changes was the introduction of a general recreational fishing fee on 23 March 2001.

These is a good solution idea for the money raised by the fees will be used on conservation programs for the environment as well as improve the quality of recreational fishing through various other programs such as designated fishing areas. This is a means of resolving conflict between commercial and recreational fishers, and removing...