In Cold Blood Movie Review

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'In Cold Blood' Review

'In Cold Blood' is a tragic story of two men, Eugene Hickock and

Perry Edward, who murder an entire family in search of money and then find

themselves running from the law. While writing the book, Truman Capote

used only facts to create a novel out of an actual event. He had thousands of

notes on the subject, but his problem was making his book read like a novel.

He accomplished this by adding dialogue and describing characters feelings.

This technique is used in the film as well when flashbacks of characters

childhoods are shown.

The different plots are handled very well in the movie. The main plot

obviously is the murders and the run from the law. Other subplots that are

shown are Smith's internal fight with his past in which his father deserted him,

and at one point, had a gun pointed to his head.

Also there appears to be

tension between Smith and Hickock. They think differently at times,

especially when it comes to the discussion of the crime. You can't help but

feel sympathetic towards Smith, as it appears that he is forced into this by

Hickock. All characters in the movie were played well by the actors in my

opinion. They all seemed real and seemed to fit in with the setting and the

time period.

I think that Hickock and Smith are not victims of forces beyond their

control, they are victims of, at least in Smith's case, a bad upbringing. The

two murderers have no direction in their lives. The only skills that Hickock

seems to know is how to steal things and how to write phony checks. Smith

seems more sane than Hickock, but all he has is his guitar and that is stolen in

Mexico. This is...