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Life is full of challenges and everyday obstacles must be overcome. The significance of the challenge is whether or not you learn from the experience and it benefits you in the future. I have had many challenges in my life but one that sets it self from the others is my junior to senior year in high school.

In the beginning of my high school career I had not known how important my studies were to me. I felt that as long as I could maintain an average GPA and average studying habits, life would be acceptable in the long run. However in the middle of my junior year I felt that I needed to make a change in my lifestyle. This was my most significant challenge. There were many temptations around me to distract me from studying (like football) that I had trouble focusing on just studying. Through hard work and perseverance I learned to manage; I gave up certain pleasures but my sacrifices were worth it.

I believe that it will help my future.

My will was tested one time when my friends were getting together and going to Astroworld on Halloween. It was a school night and I had a chemistry test the next day, which I had to study for. I was very excited to go but I knew I had to study for the test. My six weeks grade depended on it. Though it was difficult, I ended up staying at home studying. I missed having fun that night with all of my friends, but I did get an A on the chemistry test the next day. I learned that sometimes you have to let go of entertainment for the greater good; in this case, my chemistry test.

From overcoming the challenge I discovered that...