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In today's world there are many situations where individuals are negotiating everyday. Whether it's about a job, a place to live, with friends, at a place of employment, with coworkers or clients, negotiation is a technique used for two or more parties to come to an agreement in order to solve difficult issues. In the negotiating process the outcome for both parties to be happy would be a win-win situation. Negotiating can be a very intricate process. In this paper I will discuss and analyze the roles that communication and personality play in the negotiation process and share a personal experience in which there I participated in a negotiation situation.

During the negotiation process there are certain elements that take place between the parties involved. Each side has to make certain choices on what they are going to say and what they want out of the negotiation at hand.

In some cases a person may act on instinct during the process and not really think about what they are going to do or say. Others may use what has worked for them in the past. Whatever method is used, it is very important to understand what happens during the negotiation process and what risks are involved.

Negotiations don't always involve money, however in the business world it most certainly does. A few years back a friend of mine had some rental property that he offered to a potential investor who was going to rent out. He offered it to him and gave him two pricing structures. The second price was about 10% higher than the first. The investor chose the second. I asked why. He said that the first price that was offered was for cash. By taking the second offer,