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Global Communications has loss large profit margins in the recent months. Global Communications management is faced with several problems that must be addressed immediately to maintain survival in the telecommunications business. Global Communications must implement a solution to reduce cost, increase profits, and bring positive results for all stakeholders. The company has to improve their communication skills within and outside of the company. The management team has formulated and evaluated various alternatives to improve the condition of the company. The management team has also researched the risks and benefits of possible solutions and how they affect all stakeholders. The company needs to be ready and prepared to take action on all reasonable decisions and negotiations. Global Communications will take another look at the situation and see how they can improve.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications will not survive in the telecommunications market if they do not identify and correct the right problem.

Global Communications is faced with the consequences of past issues. The Union knew that the Global Communications was under financial pressures and was concerned. Therefore, the Union went along with the company's benefit reduction plan. However, Global Communications failed to notify the Union Board of their outsourcing and globalization strategy. The senior leadership team kept their plans of the strategy quiet because they wanted to make sure they would be able to sell the plan to the board of directors. Unfortunately, they did not expect the board to accept the plan so quickly and make the Union aware of the globalization strategy so soon. Despite these issues, Global Communications can develop a better understanding of communicating directly with the Union and negotiating. The method used by Global Communications leadership was "a distributive negotiation usually involves a single issue-a 'fixed-pie'-in which one person gains at the expense...