Communication Issues in the Workplace

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Within the workplace, there are many factors that affect overall communications. These factors alone may not break down the barriers of communication; however, when you add two or three factors together, the lines of communication begin to weaken. This deterioration of communication leads to larger issues and slowly the company begins to fail. When a company fails, everyone suffers. Knowing how to handle workplace communication issues can mean the difference between a company that stays in business for hundreds of years and a company that is only able to stay in business for a couple of months. Although communications have been, researched, analyzed, and discussed in great detail, there seem to still be many problems and issues that are never altered. To understand communication issues, one much first understand communication and how it affects our lives on a daily basis. Our research, interpretations, solutions, and conclusions are discussed in further detail.

Communication Issues in the Workplace

Spoken language is a form of communication that stands out above all other forms of communication. This is the primary way we communicate. Expressing our thoughts as we speak, helps aid in our verbal communication. Body language and gestures can make a person's perception of our communication a lot clearer. If you have ever listened to a monotone person speak, it is hard to understand their feelings on the subject. When they incorporate gestures and tone, we are able to see their point and understand their meaning.

Different people use this ability in different ways. When giving information we want to speak, how we speak is different depending on the location we are in. There are so many languages that it becomes hard to communicate with people. Even different dialects within a language make verbal communication difficult. An accent can cause someone that...