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Zachary Amalfitano

Professor Lucia Vedovi

Expository Writing

27 October 2014

Our Communities: The Good and the Bad

As humans we develop communities to isolate ourselves from the world around us. Doing this can cause both good and bad to come in our lives, and, in some ways, help us develop skills and advancements in certain areas or create a larger community of people who all share the same interests. This can also be bad because isolating ourselves to one specific group of people can cause us to dislike or even discriminate against others who do not partake in the events that we have found to fascinate us because it is all we have come to know. This is shown throughout both Susan Faludi's "The Naked Citadel" where the cadets of The Citadel have developed a community without women where they can work as a machine and as one group, but due to this they begin to act misogynistic.

This isolation also appears in Michael Moss' "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food" - where the companies that make our foods we eat everyday are subjected to their own brands and try to grow a community of followers for their products, but in turn, disregard the healthiness of others in order to gain advantages in the markets, but there are also strong, smaller companies shown that do focus on the members of their community and their actions of good can overcome the bad.

Depending on the size of the communities that we create the amount of good that comes out of the community can differ. For example, the support of a small business community can create many more benefits than supporting a huge corporation. This small business community ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in...