Community Report of Kamirekrom

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This report gives a precise account of all aspects of the lives of the people of Kamirekrom is Asunafo South District. The group combined both written and oral information from reliable sources in simple and concise manner for easy understanding. The report is classified into seven chapters namely; Natural resources and environment, population characteristics, social development, economic development, historical and local governance, community problems and potentials emanating from the community profile and conclusion and recommendation.


Obviously, a noble work like this cannot be done faithfully without difficulties. However, with the divine guidance of the almighty God, the compilations of this report have become a successful one. However the group deems it necessary to acknowledge the immense contribution and support of our coordinator, Mr. Emmanuel Abarike, for his outstanding supervision and guidance throughout out research, and the university authorities, dean of the university, dean of the various campuses, dean of faculties, organizers and facilitators for their support throughout the orientation and the entire research work.

We are also grateful to the chief and the Kontihene and respectively of Kamirekrom. We can't forget the unit committee chairman Mr. and the acting assemblyman Mr. Finally, we appreciate the support of the headmaster of both the primary and the J.H.S, the staff, the student body and the entire community of Kamirekrom.



This report is a profile of Kamirekrom community in the Asunafo south district in the brong ahafo region of Ghana. It is a component of fulfillment of the seven week practical field work in Kamirekrom on the Third trimester field practical programme as part of academic of the University for Development studies. Asunafo south, where Kamirekrom is fount is one of the twenty-two districts within the Brong Ahafo region. It was created by the legislative...