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The chosen agency:ACES


Brief Description of Service

ACES is a support service for people with disabilities who have moderate to high support needs where the focus is on one-to-one support.

To be eligible to access this service the consumer has to:-

·be an intellectually disabled adult with moderate to high support needs

·have access to funding

ACES currently has 30 service users with a wide range of disabilities. Their needs are very different and these are met by having one to one support. Every service user, while at ACES, gets the undivided attention of a support worker who is selected on his or her compatibility with that service user.

1.Identify the range of records that this agency is legally obliged to keep, (e.g. financial, client, OH&S)

Records that are kept regarding the Service User:-

·daily records

·program activities

·program outcomes

·incident reports

·epilepsy seizure charts

·medication records

·money spent daily

·challenging behaviour


Records that are kept regarding the Organisation

·petty cash journal

·funding hours (how many hours supplied)

Øpayments made to ACES quarterly

Øhours worked out on a yearly basis


·Superannuation funds


ØOH&S issues identified by all staff members and action taken to resolve them

·training given and recorded in accordance with guidelines

·Policies and Procedures Manual

·Donation records

·Record of volunteers

·Insurances that are taken out re liability issues

·Incidence reports

·General insurances

2.Identify and discuss the range of systems for managing information within this organisation.

Range of systems:-

oIPP Plan for service users

§Information recorded and used to achieve set goals.


§For access to specific information


§Communication to staff and service users

oMicrosoft Outlook

§General Correspondence

§Report typing

§Roster planning, etc


§Typed monthly

§To maintain communication with parents and carers as to what has been happening at Aces

oPigeon Holes

§Each staff member has their own pigeon hole

for messages and correspondence. This is checked a

couple of times a day

oStaff Meetings / Training Sessions

§Held monthly to maintain communication between staff, management and committee members.

§Problems are discussed and acted upon

§Service User programs are discussed

oTraining Sessions

§To maintain a high level of performance

§To keep knowledge base up-to-date

oMYOB accounting program

§To assist the maintenance of accurate "books" for the



A tool to assist in creating a Roster, which is done monthly for staff and service users.

3.Identify and discuss the job description/work plan that you would be working to if you were a paid employee (welfare worker) of this organisation.

The role I would undertake for Aces would be that of a Support Worker to provide an inclusive support service for service users who have moderate to high support needs.

I would be responsible to the Aces Manager and Co-ordinator. I would be paid in accordance with the Social and Community Services Employees (State). My level of pay would depend on the skills and level of training I had.

My duties would be to support people with a disability to achieve, improve and maintain independent living through the development of skills identified in their Program Plan and also to enable people with disabilities to achieve valued social roles in the community.

Job Description and Duties

oFollowing program to reach identified outcomes

oProvide support to service users to access and use community facilities and generic services.

oParticipate in the development of Individual Program Plans (IPP)

oImplement activities as specified in the IPP

oImplement training specific to need as determined in the IPP

oEnsure that service user's records are maintained and that information and data collected as required

oAssist with personal care as required

oMonitor and administer medications as required in accordance with instructions and policies and procedures

oPromote the service user's self-confidence in skills development

oDemonstrate appropriate behaviour through role-modeling

oCreate an environment which is conducive to positive outcomes for service users and their families / advocates

4.Identify the source of funding for this agency and what requirements are necessary for accountability.

The funding to ACES is state funded. It comprises of:-

oPost School Options (PSO)

oAdult Training Learning and Support (ATLAS) - for school leavers to transition to work or further education.

oCommunity Access System (CAS) is a block of funding allocated to Aces to use with service users who are not in receipt of any other funding.

oService Access System (SAS) - emergency funding for service users at risk in the community.

Funds are quarterly and kept to a "break-even" budget.

The consumers at Aces are all funded from one source or another. Such as through Post School Options (PSO), 300 places Community Access Services (CAS), 300 places is a supported accommodation program funded Department of Aging Disability & Homecare (DADH).

Wages and all expenditures are monitored daily by an accountant. All financial records are maintained by him, e.g. petty cash, wages, superannuation, maintenance etc.

5.Identify the types, purposes and frequencies of meetings attended by workers of this agency.

oThere is a daily meeting between the Manager and Co-ordinator this is to discuss any issues that may have arisen the previous day that need attention.

oStaff meetings held monthly to discuss any problems they may be having with service users or other staff members. They also discuss future plans, the need for voluntary services are measured and discussed.

oMeetings are held throughout the year for training of staff. Opportunities for training are identified and attended by various staff members. These training meetings help to maintain a high standard of service to the service user.

oIPP planning meetings for service users are held every 6-12 months this is to assess their progress and highlights any special needs that need addressing.

oThere are compulsory meetings for "fire & safety" and "infection control" so as management is assured of a high standard from their staff regarding these two principles.

oEducational meetings, for example - First Aid instructions


Funding:The lack of funding is a big issue. If I were to make a recommendation it would be for the Government to increase funding so as ACES could expand their services and assist more people with disabilities to achieve a better quality of life.


Some General Public perception of a disability: A service user who differs from the norm are often perceived to be of less value by some of the general public. People often deny feeling this way but it does happens. Because of this attitude disabled people are likely to be denied opportunities to gain respected roles. They may even be rejected or persecuted.

Service users best learn to do anything by doing it in the place where it really happens and with people who usually do it. For prejudices against disabled people to fade, the general public needs to have positive experiences with disabled people. "Personal social integration, valued social participation".

ACES is filling this role by encouraging and assisting the consumers to access everyday activities. In doing this the general public are then given the opportunity to be educated in the understanding of people with a disability and see that they are not to be feared or shunned - but accepted, encouraged to "join in" and included in conversation. When the general public have positive experiences with disabled people the "unknown fear factor" towards someone who is "different" will hopefully be eliminated.


·Adult Community Education Service (ACES) - handout brochure

·Integrated Care Management Learning Material - Disability 2000