Why and How is Community Care to be Promoted?

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Why and How is Community Care to be Promoted?Introduction:Some people may take it for granted when they receive a service from the community, because they do not acknowledge the benefits of it or the would-be circumstances without it. Others may find the term "community care" to be rather vague, and may not know the true meaning of it. Therefore, in this assignment I shall start by giving a description of what community care actually is. Then I shall seek to identify the benefits of community care, and suggest how it is to be promoted.

The term community care means to provide both health and social care within an individual's own environment. Its concept is generally divergent to that institutionalization, as it aims to help people live in their own community. According to the National Health Service and Community Care Act of 1990 in England,"Community care means providing the services and support which people who are affected by problems of ageing, mental illness, mental handicap or physical or sensory disability need to be able to live in their own homes, or 'homely' settings in the community" (HMSO, 1989)Services can also be provided to people which drug and alcohol problems or learning disabilities, and even to the carers who look after people in these circumstances.

Community care started quite informally, because it can mean families and friends helping one another, or people giving charity to someone less fortunate than themselves. Any person with a sense of altruism may well have played a role in community care before the concept of it was even identified.

In the times of Margaret Thatcher, Care in the Community was a policy enacted to bring out a more liberal way of helping people, without having to institutionalize them. Thatcher considered institutionalization is a financial burden...