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Camille Nimocks

EDUR 5012- Section 3

Prof. Noonan


Community Study Proposal

For my Community Study project, I will be focusing on the area of Arleta, a smaller neighborhood within the larger community of the San Fernando Valley. Arleta is the community in which my school, Bert Corona Charter, is located. Additionally, about half of my students live within the community of Arleta. I chose to focus on Arleta for my community study project mainly because my students spend most of their time within this community, both in school and at home. In class, students discuss common hangout spots, grocery stores, etc. and talk about bumping into each other or the family of another student at the local stores and market. This shared experience and community is something I feel I am missing out on (as someone who lives in a community fairly far away). I would love to better understand and get to know the community my students and my school resides in through the community study.

As for the boundaries of the neighborhood, Arleta is nestled between Panorama City, Sun Valley, and San Fernando. The neighborhood begins at the intersection of Van Nuys and Woodman Avenue and ends at the intersection of Sheldon and Glen Oaks Boulevard.

In order to gather information about the community of Arleta, I plan on interviewing a few knowledgeable community members. One of the community members I am planning on interviewing is the mother of one of my students, Mrs. Marquez. Mrs. Marquez is a landlord for an apartment building around the corner from my school (on Branford and Laurel Canyon). She will have an interesting insight into family dynamics in Arleta, the demographics of families in her building, etc. Although Mrs. Marquez does not speak English, her...