In The Company of Men - Who is the True Victim?

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Who is the True Victim?

In the Company of Men is a movie women would love to hate. The movie uses women's perception of men and takes it a step further. The untruthful justice used against men in this movie is horrendous. Upon watching the movie, women think "this is horrible; how could men be like this"," not surprising since men are this way", or "they would do something like this for fun", this is absurd and untrue! A woman is degraded in the film by men, proving women's perception of them true. She might be the main victim in the movie, but men in the general public are more likely to be victims of criticism from women.

In the Company of Men opens up in an airport terminal with two office executives chatting about their love life. Chad, a tall handsome dirty blonde is seen smoking a cigarette in almost every opening frame along with Howard, a short stubby fellow who reminds us of the looser from high school that was smarter than most and would likely succeed in the business world.

They are about to depart on a business trip which will put them in a temporary business office for the next six weeks. With the next six weeks in mind, they both talk about how they despise women treating them badly and always hurting men. The same scenario can be heard when females talk about their past relationships. In order to get their revenge on women, these two bored white-collared executives take it one step further in an unusual way.

Chad relinquishes his plan of getting back on the female race by singling out one ugly duckling. In the next six weeks, while out of town, they find one unsuspecting female whom they both approach and...