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As a female owner of a sports utility vehicle a lot of things are important when looking for a mechanic to do maintenance on my 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. One main consideration in the purchase of my Cherokee was the fact that both my husband, Steven, and his brother, George, are both Auto Service Excellence certified mechanics through Chrysler, Jeep, and Eagle. Therefore, the knowledge of the vehicle is a major consideration.

A few months ago I began to have rear-end problems with the Cherokee. It began to make weird, loud humming noises. Steven and George decided that it was caused by bearing problems in the rear-end, which meant the rear-end would need to be completely unassembled in order to replace the bearings. Neither Steven or George were sure how to go about repairing this massive project, nor did they have the spare time to devote to such a project.

They decided to request the help of an old co-worker, Jay. Jay is an experienced rear-end mechanic with the knowledge and ability to tackle such a massive project.

Another important thing I look for in a mechanic is how they treat me when I bring my Cherokee in to be evaluated. I hate being treated like a dumb, naive female. I do not claim to know everything, however, I do know more than most females. I expect things to be explained to me and not to be taken advantage of. I did not have this problem with Jay, however, I never had a chance to speak to him personally.

A third important factor is the mechanic's ability to complete the job in a timely manner. If an unforeseen problem should emerge than I expect to receive a call with an explanation of the new problem and a new estimated...