Compare And Contrast Community College Vs. 4 Year Schools

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Remeber to spell check!!! What is the differences between a Community college and a College? What are the similarities of it? This essay will discuss differences between community college and College. It will also include the similarities between the both of them. This will cover from the costs, teachers, living, amount of work, when your are in college.

A Community college and college have big differences and a lot of similarities. One of the differences is cost. Almost all community colleges are cheaper than most four year colleges. This gives people time to either save up money, or see what they want to do before they go off into a four year college. Four year colleges are a lot more expensive than community colleges and tend to have teachers with better degrees. This doesn't mean that college professors are better than community college teachers. This just simply states that community college professors tend to be more into teaching rather than lecturing.

The Amount of work between schools seems to be the same, they both give out tests and projects that are just as hard and stressful as a community college project. Living on the other hand is a lot different, luckily at some community colleges as Northampton, have dorms where u can live on campus. Other community colleges don't have that and thats why most people have to drive to there schools. When people go to college they normally have dorms on campus or live off campus. In comparing and contrasting both, the findings were that it is better to go to a community college get some credits out of the way, save some money, then go to a college that is available to go to.

What is the differences between a Community college and College? What...