Compare & Contrast Essay: Steve & The Barber

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In today’s world, there are people who may value different things than others, however, one may also value the same thing as with one of another body. Steve Harmon from “Monster,” and the Barber from “Just Lather, That’s All,” both value some similarities and differences with each other. Steve and the Barber are similar because they both value life, whereas they are different because Steve values innocence and freedom and the Barber values revenge and pride. Steve and the Barber both value life because they express the importance of it. On the other hand, Steve values freedom and innocence because when he gets put in prison, he is desperate to get out for something he did not do. The Barber values revenge and pride because when he meets his enemy, he is eager to plot revenge on him, but he also understands the consequences of loosing his job.

Steve and the Barber both value life.

The Barber values life in many ways, and he conveys life is valuable. In the story, the Barber thinks to himself about how one’s life can be taken away easily. This is shown when the Barber says, “How easy would it be to kill him. And he deserves it. Does he? What the devil!” (Tellez 50). Evidently, the Barber values life because he explains how easy it is to take away one’s life for revenge. The Barber values the importance of life because the decision he makes can turn his own life around in a bad way, and so he has to make a wise decision whether to suffer the consequences and be put in prison or not to kill his enemy and enjoy his profession as a barber. Furthermore, the Barber also values life because in the story, he is in the position of...