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There are two main dining facilities on campus: Mustangs and Seneca. They both serve the purpose of offering a variety of foods to the students of SUNY Morrisville. But they have different ways of serving the food to the students.

At Mustangs, the setting is more like a fast food restaurant than the normal dining facility that most people would see on a campus. Mustangs is open every night at 4:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. The employees are students from this college and people who live in the nearby area that need extra money. At Mustangs, the workers seem to be able to get along, no matter what their age, ethnic and cultural background. There seem to be many cliques (a group of people that tend to hang out a lot), but these cliques do tend to intertwine while working. The atmosphere is generally easygoing, fun and playful. The menu is the same from day to day and is made to order.

The foods that they serve are mostly fried food: chicken tenders, wings, fries and mozzarella sticks. They also have hamburgers, grilled chicken, tacos, salads and ice cream. The area where students sit to eat their food is just a little dining area with benches and tables.

In the dining area, there are pictures hanging on the wall and plants near the garbage cans. Although this is a "fast food" dining service, the food is usually slow coming out, depending on how busy they are and what is ordered. But all in all, the food is digestible and students always come back. From a customer's point of view, the employee's at Mustangs seem laid-back and look like they're having a fun time while working. They seem to get along with each other and like to have fun with each other and the customers. They like to joke around and talk to the customers while they are waiting for their food. It's nice because the time passes by faster instead of just sitting around on the benches waiting for their number to be called for their food.

At Seneca, on the other hand, the setting is like a cafeteria. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here, students from the college and residents of Morrisville work. The residents are mostly high school students looking for a part time job while still in school. Here, the workers seem to keep to their own cliques and do not act friendly towards the other employees they are working with. The atmosphere is more of a serious, demanding place, where they always have to be doing something and they are not able to socialize with the students that dine there. The menu differs from day to day and there are five different sections. In the specials area, there are usually different ethnic foods each day. Then there is an area where sandwiches are made. This is only available at lunchtime and can be made any way that a person wants. The hot entrée section serves different foods depending on the time of day. They try to diversify the menu so they can accommodate the different eating styles of the students. They also have a salad bar where people can create their own salads. The last one is a grill section. This is where people can get french fries, burgers, grilled cheese and grilled chicken. At breakfast time, however, this is where students can order omelets in any style, and eggs in any style. There are one or two workers at each of these stations, not including the salad bar, to give portions of the food to each of the students.

The dining area is just a bunch of lunch tables and wooden chairs with the salad bar dividing the area in half. The dining area seems pretty dull without any decorations hanging up on the walls to brighten up the place. This is a pretty good place to eat if a person is in a rush and just wants to grab a quick bite to eat and run. The employees of Seneca, from a customer's point of view, seem very quiet. The people serving the food act unhappy to be there and do not interact with the customers as much as at Mustangs. The workers out cleaning the dining area seem withdrawn and keep to themselves. They don't really talk to the students eating in the dining room and when they clean up, they seem very depressed and act like they don't want to be there. At times in Seneca, there is a depressing atmosphere because of the moods of the workers.

Seneca and Mustangs both serve the purpose of providing meals to the students on campus. There is nothing wrong with either place; it just depends on a person's preference. If someone is looking for the quality of the food rather than quantity, they might want to go to Mustangs. But if someone prefers the quantity of the food to the quality of food, they would want to go to Seneca.