A Comparison of Oprah Winfrey Show & A Date with LUYU_ Memo

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A Comparison of Oprah Winfrey Show & A Date with LUYU_ Memo


Our group intends to give a vivid demonstration that conversational styles should depend on the specific target audience by closely analyzing and comparing two talk shows, Oprah Winfrey show---a popular American TV show and a date with LUYU ---a well-known Chinese show.

From our presentation, we want the class

To know: the difference between their respective target audience & how they communicate successfully to their specific audience group by showing different screen images, topics and different communication styles.

To think: how to well define audience in significant aspects and how to properly adapt communication contents, skills and styles to your target audience.

To believe: By well defining your target audience specifically in key aspects and prudently choosing communication contents, skills and styles, you can conduct successful communication.


Targeting at different groups of audience, these two shows present unique communicational styles as well as hosting styles even though they invite the same guest--- Chinese singer Jane Zhang.

In order to compare these two shows, we firstly figure out the specific differences between these two talk shows in talking tunes, context, body language and hostess selection.

Then, we try to explain why these two shows adopt distinct communicational techniques by conducting thorough audience analyses.

Our goal is to give the class an idea that both the initial step and the main process of determining communicational style is to know your target audience and select the most appropriate style to them, which can be reflected from the case of two talk shows.

Structure of presentation

Part1: Simulation of two talk shows

Part2: Analysis and conclusion

Part3: Made-up scene and wrap-up