Comparitive Essay - the nerd, the jock, and the average man

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In the game of life, there are three basic characters, the nerd, the jock, and the average-man. The nerd has wealth, the jock has pride, and the average-man does not really have anything because he is just average, no better than anyone else. To live life to the fullest, one should strive to be the best, either by being the nerd or the jock.

First of the three, the nerd is the most financially successful and sits atop of the three characters. He is very orderly, and his perfect management of his priorities and time have put him ahead of his competitors. Perfection and wealth are his two best buddies. Having been picked on during his high school years, he now cares not what other people think of him as long as he achieves no less than a perfect job. Also because of this, the nerd has developed an inward personality; he socializes solely to his own friends and has trouble grasping the mainstream topics.

One may always find a nerd to be quite selfish because he feels insecure and does not want to lose any bit of his assets to the rest of the world. As a little boy, the nerd would even think twice about his dividends before buying a chocolate bar or a bag of chips. For the nerd, life is a war; a war to see who obtains the most assets. Nonetheless, the nerd is a human and has feelings inside just like everyone else. Unlike the rest however, he has troubles showing these feelings. In the nerd's point of view, friends may come and go, but money will stay until the day he dies. The nerd lives a bitter-sweet life.

Placing high standards on himself and going by life in big ways, the jock is...