Competition - What Makes the World Go Round

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(an in-class essay) Prompt: People compete against each other in many areas of life. Are the effects of competition more negative than positive? Explain your position. Be sure to use specific reasons and examples from your own experiences or observations.

Competition is what life as we know it is based on. It's whate keeps bacteria alive; it's what keeps humans alive. The wold never would have gotten anywhere if it weren't for competition. It is not only positive; it's necessary.

For example, lets go back to before the human race existed. Dinosaurs - if one is a stronger species than another it is going to win in a fight. The winner, the stronger one, is going to be the one getting the better food, better living conditions, the better mate. Those are the things they are competeing for. The winning dinosaur is now proven stronger; his offspring will have the advantages he has.

It is survival of the fittest, and competition is what makes it happen.

Without competition, the world would go nowhere. It is present today as much as it always has been, just different. Of course it can be seen in the animal kingdom, but it affects the human population just as greatly. IN order for our society to work, we need weaker (less competative) people to be in it. If the world were full of very competative people, everyone would be at eachothers throats. In fact, the world probably would have been blown away by a power - hungry idiot or three. If the world is full of non-competative people, it's ever going to progress.

Competative people are the ones making our society better, trying to bring us better conditions in school to better mattresses on our beds. So with the right balance of very...