"Making the Hive Go Round" How they life of bees and human nature parrallel.

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Making the Hive Go Round

When I was a kid, I was so terrified of bees. Most people are. But if you take a closer look you see that bees really are a lot more complicated then they seem. We could learn a lot from bees. Their life styles might seem brutal or even harsh, but they have one common goal. That goal is to bring in food and care for the hive as a whole. Humans are like this in the same way that we all do our part to make the "world go round." Bees are in constant completion for there home, and their lives. Like a man trying to make it in politics everyone competes to try to come out on top.

Bees do everything for one reason, the common good. Each type of bee does its part to make sure the hive is protected, fed, and cared for.

Certain bees look for nectar while others build "cells" or rooms. Others care for the young and the Queen. Humans have the same system. We each do our own part to make the "world go round." Some people are bankers others are farmers. The farmers make our food and bring it to us. While the day-care workers take care of our young. Without everyone doing their part we could not survive. Children depend on their parents to bring home food for them. Parents work to provide for their children.

Now for the harsh part, Bees are in constant competition for their homes and lives. Bees sting people to protect their hive. They keep out intruders by giving their lives. When the Queen in the colony gets to old she is kicked out. All the "queen" bees compete to become the new Queen. This is another parallel...