Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies

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Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies"Human resource (HR) managers play a more strategic role in organizational change processes such as international mergers and acquisitions. This requirement is even more acute since the past decade has been characterized by enormous growth in these areas" (Antila, 2006). The CEO of Image Computers has asked the Director of Human Resources to prepare a comprehensive staffing strategy for the newly expanded company in preparation for a strategic audit of the HR systems in the acquired company. This paper will identify the type of industry within which Image Computers operates along with the country into which the business is expanding. The HR issues that may arise as a result of this acquisition will be outlined. An analysis of the unique cultural and regulatory factors (e.g. EEOC) that need to be considered will be discussed along with how they will impact organizational effectiveness. The recruitment and selection practices that will be used in staffing the newly acquired company will be mentioned to include the expected mix of expatriates and nationals.

The skills and abilities that are needed will be determined to include the training and development practices that will be used. Changes in the current organizational structure that may be required to achieve the revised strategy in light of potential audit results will be outlined.

Expansion of Image ComputersThe ability of Image Computers to adapt to changes in the business world is critical to the company's ability to remain competitive. If the company fails to change with the competition the company may be unable to sustain long-term success. To gain security many organizations seek to acquire other companies or negotiate mergers both domestically and in foreign markets. Founded in 1995, Image Computers is one of the largest manufacturers of computer parts in the United States.