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Future Computer Could you imagine that if computers were not created, and what would our lives be like today? However, computers are a part of human life and people cannot live without computers, especially in developed countries. From manufacturers, schools, companies, and families are equipped with computers, because computers have been invented to better our lives. In the past decade, humans were concentrating on improving computers¡¦ functions. , Nowadays computers have already become common tools for everyone from the size to cost reduction, so most families have one computer. Computers do not only continue to improve humans¡¦ lives to be more easy and enjoyable, but they also enhance our lives¡¦ quality. Nevertheless, recently the main part of computer technology is the Internet. People can work, browse, and whatever they want to shop on any website, including foreign websites, on the Internet. Also, the cost is very cheap for every family.

Even though computer technology is so advanced, they also can bring some problems for humans. Here, I would like to discuss how the future computers will improve human life, such as in education and business, and what problems they will create.

In the future, computers will improve human life. Take school and education for example. Nowadays, when most teachers teach students by textbooks, they have to spend a lot of time preparing many things before the beginning of class. Teachers may want to collect information relating to the textbooks from other books and libraries, and then print them out to the students. However, if teachers use computers to search for information and download files from the Internet, and then show the information to students by computers, it will be an effective and efficient way for teachers. As a result, schools must have computer equipment for teachers to utilize. In a...