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It finally arrived I have been waiting patiently for a week now. I was so excited when FedEx sent me the automated delivery notice yesterday, informing me that my package would be delivered today, that I decided I would actually play hooky from work and school today and wait for it. My new computer was here! Well, the parts were here anyway. Now all I had to do was to put it together. God, I am such a geek.

When the FedEx guy rang the doorbell, I bolted to the door eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new toy. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Once in hand, I opened the large box containing all the pieces and parts - like a kid at Christmas. I began placing them on the floor for easier inspection. Once I was done with that, I discarded the large shipping box and began to take a mental inventory of everything before me.

The case, a Xaser III LANFire®, was a new design by Thermaltake Technologies, Inc. It was all aluminum and silver in color. The front panel had the flashing fire ball that designated it as part of the LANFire series of cases. Just above the flashing fire ball was an LCD temperature monitor and alarm for the processor. It included four variable speed fan controllers for adjusting the speed at which the internal fans operated.

Next, I examined the motherboard. A true piece of technological marvel. It's a DFI LANParty Pro 875 motherboard. This sucker is fully loaded with the latest features; Dual Channel 800 MHz Front Side Bus, Dual DDR 400 memory channels, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, 8x AGP, Serial ATA and RAID 1.5. I am in hog heaven. Of course, what computer would be complete without the processor? In this case, the...