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There are many jobs in our world today. Each one has its own definition and special responsibilities. Some jobs are more popular than others. It is important for people to choose jobs that they like otherwise they will be miserable. Before a person enters a job, he or she should research to see if it will be enjoyable or not, and to know exactly what responsibilities that job entails.

Before choosing a career, it is necessary to see what that career is bout. One must find out what academic courses and/or extracurricular activities are necessary in secondary, undergraduate and graduate school. It is also important to research the type of field experience required, including internships, apprenticeships or clinical training. Of course, the college or vocational school that one chooses often affects each of these variables.

Colleges or vocational schools vary in many ways. One must research the cost of a college's tuition, room and board, and other expenses.

If the costs are not within the student's budget it will be nearly impossible for the student to attend that school. Certain schools specialize in certain academic areas, and colleges also vary in levels of academic demands and competition. All of these factors will affect where a person will complete his or her post secondary education.

All of these points are important when researching a career. Without this research, how will one know if he or she is really interested in a certain career? This is a very important step in one's future. If career exploration is not viewed as a priority in high Doe 2 school, valuable time and money might be wasted in misdirected choices made before or during college.