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Pre-season Warm-Up

Flexibility Workout

Pre-Season Football Conditioning

Training Techniques

Tips from Certified Athletic Trainers

Pre-Season Training can start after the last game of the season for some. It is highly recommended that you rest from your activity a minimum of two weeks and as long as a month. During this rest period you must maintain cardiovascular fitness. There is no need to play football. Think of other activities that would interest you. Try cross training and use sports that are similar to football; basketball, boxing, wrestling and martial arts to name a few. Keep your hand-eye coordination and your reflexes sharp. Use swimming, deep water running aerobics, jogging and jumping rope as workouts.

The pre-season program gets into high gear six to eight weeks prior to the season. This is the time when weight training is used for maximizing strength and endurance. Please remember it is very important to go through the warm up program before, and cool down after, by stretching.

Use these weeks wisely, and the following program will allow you to complete the season injury free and maintain your strength for the entire season.

The Offense-Defense Medical Staff wishes you a healthy and successful Football Season. Rememeber, you should come to camp in good shape, prepared to learn a lot and have some fun along the way.

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3-5 Minute cardiovascular warm-up (bike, treadmill or stair master) DAILY

7-12 Minute overall flexibility (stretching see attached) DAILY

3 minute jump rope (30 seconds each day) DAILY

a. Both feet

b. Right foot only

c. Left foot

d. Side to side

e. Front to back

f. Box

Jogging, sprinting and power walking 1 mile Daily

3 minutes of flexibility (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Low Back) Three days a week.

Jog, run, sprint outdoors on a Football...