Conflict In The Workplace

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Date: Jan 2nd , 2002 To: Brian B, Manager of Trade Finance Dept, ABC Limited Banking Corporation From: Iris Cai CONFLICT IN THE WORKPLACE BACKGROUND XYZ Company Limited ("XYZ") is one of our main customers. We have been providing trade finance and remittance services to them since our bank was established in 1980.

XYZ always expected our bank to provide services timely, appropriately and free of errors. Now, Kitty and Nina are responsible for processing XYZ's applications. As a supervisor, I am required to ensure their provision of banking services in both customers' and bank's interests and liaison with customers.

Our long-term relationship with XYZ is basically sound and satisfactory. Recently, however, our rapport was confronting a great challenge.

In the past month, applications from XYZ always arrived around 4:00p.m, which was far behind our daily cutoff time (3:00pm). However, we are strongly requested by the customer to handle the late applications within the same day.

At all times, we had to strive to finish them until the last minute. The rush handling caused us some unnecessary mistakes leading to many complaints from XYZ. Meanwhile, my staff and I began to experience the following as a result of the conflict: · Stress · Decreased job satisfaction · Demotivation · Low self-esteem TRACING CAUSE OF PROBLEM In order to resolve the conflict, we have to identify the cause of it in the first place.

After discussions with XYZ, we found that the reason for the delay application lies in XYZ's newly developed customer, TCL ("TCL"). As a tyro in the international trade, TCL had to spend plenty of time and efforts on preparing the documents to XYZ. As a result, XYZ failed to meet our cutoff time once the transactions dealt with were concerning TCL.

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