Conglom Foods and change management

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When a company’s leadership plans for the future, it must take into account environmental factors. Conglom Foods is in dire need of evaluating its current position and adjust to the growing situation of what the consumer wants. Sluggish sales of the past few quarters reflect a much larger issue. The market that the company once dominated in the beverage industry has declined and the more health conscious consumer has emerged. With this in mind, Conglom Foods is here today to evaluate these environmental factors and determine what needs to be done to adjust them.

Every business has external peers that perform similar functions within their professional discipline. These peers are considered competitors and they are rival producers of goods or services (Neblett). Competition in the beverage market, like any other market, can determine if a product will sale. The need to gain the advantage in the consumers mind is the main goal.

Offering the customer a selection between competitors is good from a market perspective. This gives consumers choices and provides the businesses the opportunity to create a position. Over the past few decades there has been an introduction of larger beverage companies buying up smaller independent firms. With this, these businesses have the means and prospect to create more products and make sales at a lower price (Armstrong et al, 2005).

This leads me to some of the measures Conglom Foods can take to get back on track. First, a healthy alternative to the mixes we already offer would be made. According to Beverage Marketing Corporation, every man, woman and child in the United States ingests 192 gallons of liquid a year (Product Variety: What America’s Drinking). Keeping this in mind, the beverage market is a highly profitable opportunity that has not yet been capitalized on. Conglom is now...