The Conquering Of Mars

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The conquering of Mars in "The Martian Chronicles" has a

negative impact on Mars. The people of Earth went to Mars and

started to settle there without takin the Martian's views into

consideration. In the American West the settlers did the exact same thing. They just moved west and kept forcing the Native Americans farther and farther away from their land and homes.

Also the settlers in the American West tried to alter the Native Americans culture by bringing technology in to their lives. These settlers also destroyed the Native Americans land by building structures and homes of their own. The setllers to Mars did the same thing when they went up to Mars and forced the Marians off of their own land and stated to build homes and building for their own uses. This forced the Martians off their own Land ust as the American settlers did to the Native Americans.

The settlers of Mars brought their own traditions and cultures to Mars and forced the Martians culture out of their lives. They did accept the Martians ways and forced their own on the Martians.They even dishonored the Martians temples and places of worship as if they were nothing. In the American West the settlers did the same thing and discarded the Native Americans culture and beliefs.

The settlers to both the American West and to Mars introduced new technology to the natives.This made the natives technology obsolete. Because of this the settlers tried to force their own ways on the natives. But, in both cases the natives wanted to keep their own ways.