Constructing and Supporting Argument

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University of PhoenixManagementOctober 05, 2009In life each individual has to make decisions on what they want to do in their life. The decision should benefit him or her in their personal and career life. The argument in discussion for this paper would be getting my MBA degree will better prepare me when I become a manager again. The results of the assessment will be discussed.

Constructing an ArgumentPursuing an MBA degree will better prepare me for becoming a manager again. The question is that may come to many individuals mind is will it better prepare me for becoming a manager? So many individuals that have obtained their MBA degree might agree. In the next section we will discuss the support of the argument. Now I can take what I know from being a previous manager and what I learn from the classes taken to obtain my MBA degree and utilize it when I become manager of the organization I work for.

Supporting the ArgumentMany say that the qualifications they received after obtaining his or her MBA degree has enabled to get opportunities that he or she might not have gotten if he or she has not obtained their degree. Their confidence and their assertiveness have increased in the workplace. (Anonymous, 2000) "Over 40% of the respondents wish to become self-employed and over a quarter aspire to run their own business." (Anonymous, 2000) Approximately 50% of those surveyed stated he or she would like to take more time for developing his or her own professional career since they obtained their degree. The director of the MBA association stated that many organizations acknowledges the importance of the MBA degree and therefore provides financial support to individuals who choose to pursue his or her degree; these organization even offer the individuals a raise...