Consumer Behaviour - Applying a successful Consumer Behaviour Model (Problem Recognitionm, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Store Choice and Post-Purchase Behaviour) to a company.

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1.1IntroductionEntrepreneur Natalie Bloom launched Bloom Pty. Ltd. In 1993 in Australia at the age of 22. After graduating from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Natalie worked in a brief stint as a graphic designer before expanding her creative visions into a new outlet. Natalie then created Bloom cosmetics, a youthful and fun version of cosmetics marketed at audiences both young and old. This is also apparent in the company's philosophy of Bloom products having a playful spirit and a commitment to product integrity, to create innovative products made from quality ingredients, and is marketed for the young at heart.

Bloom's logo which sets it apart from the rest of the cosmetics and makes the consumer take notice around its competitors is the image of the company's front woman, Miss Bloom. Miss Bloom is a drawn figure of a young girl who is sophisticated and playful, embodying the spirit and personality of Bloom cosmetics.

Since its beginning Bloom has expanded its cosmetic range, now having products in nail polish, eye shadow, foundation, bronzer, fake tan, bath gel, blush, moisturizers, make-up tools, a how-to book and their most popular product the Bloom Lip-gloss.

Bloom has won numerous awards for their products such as in the popular woman's magazine CLEO, Bloom has won various "Cleo Best of Beauty Awards", as well as awards in magazines like Elle, New Woman, Marie Claire and In Style. CEO Natalie Bloom has also won various awards due to her leadership, vision and entrepanutnurial flair for Bloom products.

Bloom has a steady promotions plan intact, incorporating VIP Christmas Shopping events and warehouse sales, contacting clients who sign up to be a VIP to make them aware of their discounts and special offers whilst keeping their business and loyalty with Bloom. The use of the Bloom Complementary Makeover Promotion...