Copyright Law

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Copyright Law

Chandra Fontenot

August 5, 2013

In today's day and age things like Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and other forms of social media are dominating the content that is seen on a daily basis. Every single second from what it seems like, someone somewhere is uploading there life instantly to the web. Years ago this was not the case but as it goes times change and so do the way people communicate to the world. Although, what happens when the content that one collects through social media platforms get used by other individuals without permission? Or does a person no matter if the content is viral and available for all to see, need to consult with the creator of the content in order to use the work that has been produced by set creator? In the following paragraphs I will touch on issues that deal with these exact questions, along with other topics that bring to question possible ethical and legal implications that could arise from a situation where copyright law is not followed.

Finally, I will also touch on how these situations can be avoided in the future.

With all the social media platforms that are accessible every single person today, it is really no wonder that copyright violation is in question. Like everything else there are pro's and con's to social media and especially when it comes to the visuals that people are seeing on a daily basis. Take for instance, Instagram, this social outlet diplays pictures and most recently videos. These photos make it easy to make the normal everyday person take wonderful pictures that can be edited in a heartbeat. Now, according to copyright law, this means that the photos created by set person are officially under copyright (Copyright...