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Corporations Why and what is its nature?

R / This was created with the simple need to create or produce more, to get more wealth, with a group of people composed hierarchically, with limited responsibilities and all with the same goal to go in the same direction, is a form of business and its nature is trying to devour the greatest benefit at the expense of others.

2 What is the importance of the organizations in our lives?

R / As well says there are slide organizations to pool resources, achieve goals, desired outcomes and produce goods and services efficiently in our life that we would have the first organization, is our family and as we apply the above to a company also can apply to our personal, family and social life.

3 Why do we say that our society is a society of organizations?

R / The world is full of very few organizations world power and we are in the era of technology and every day there are changes in our society, which is why we all get used in today was our life, society, the world everything is governed by a prototype organization which we all follow, and in which an organization must be organized for constant change.

4 What is the criticism that is made to corporations from the perspective of the creators of the video?

R / Do not make it look as best as they use the word "psychopath" leave much to be desired but I think the prospect is trying to communicate a corporation intends only to get this benefit without thinking of the damage you can do to others.

5 Make an essay on personal assessments of this video.

R / The video was very interesting but...