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Vincent Cacciatore

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Case Study #2

"Cost Justified?"

1.What are the relevant facts?

Joe has just been recently promoted to District Manager of Computer Operation. The company has installed a very expensive system that should save the company a lot of money. The system has not been performing well and has not achieved expected results. The CEO of the company receives a letter from an employee regarding the problems in the system. Mary, Joe's supervisor is not pleased to have received this letter. She calls in Joe into her office. She explain him the situation that the CEO is not happy and the he must fix or else his future at the company might be in jeopardy. Although, the main situation is that Joe has made Mary aware many times that the system has problems and that it is not working well. Mary was the one who wanted to put the system in the first place.

Mary says to Joe that he must reply to the letter saying that there is no problem with the system and must provide documents showing that money is being saved. Joe is upset because he feels that his upper management is being misinformed which allows them to make questionable decisions.

2. Name at least three ethical dilemmas for Joe.

The first ethical dilemma that Joe is confronted with would be honesty and status. Joe know that what is going on is not right and that he wants to make things better although if he does he puts in danger his status of the company where he has worked very hard for. He might lose his promotion if he is honest with the CEO of the company. The second dilemma that Joe encounters is would be risk taking...