Count Of Monte Cristo

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# of pages: 441 Was the book on the reading list? Yes, the book was on the reading list, and it is a classic novel.

Apply the following terms in your analysis of: The Count of Monte Cristo Author: The original author of the unabridged, un-translated version is Alexandre Dumas, but I read the abridged, translated version by Mrs. Lowell Blair.

1. Type of fiction or non-fiction- This book is historical fiction, as it takes many historical facts from the time of Napoleon's domination.

2. Setting- The timeframe in which this story takes place is during the Napoleonic Era, which was approximately from 1800-1850. Places in which the story takes place are numerous: they vary from all over Europe, from Paris, France, to Rome, Italy, and then to Greece. Much of it also takes place off the coast of France.

3. Confilct- The conflict could be person vs. person, or person vs.

society. The count has four enemies, hence the person vs. person conflict; however, when thrown in jail, the count's conflict evolves to all of Europe's people, for they believe the count to be a Bonaparte,(follower of Napoleon) so another conflict could be person vs. society.

4. Point of view- The point of view is from third person, as the author narrates the whole tale.

5. Protagonist- The protagonist of this story is Edmond Dante's, alias Abbe Busoni, Sinbad the Sailor, Lord Wilmore, and most famous of all, The Count of Monte Cristo.

6. Antagonist- There are four main antagonists of the count: Monsieur de Villefort, Gaspard Caderousse, Baron Danglars, and Fernand Mondego, (alias Count de Morcerf). They each have committed an irrevocable act to make themselves enemies of Edmond Dantes.

7. Mood of story- There is no supreme mood of the story, rather numerous ones at...