Creating a strong relationship

Essay by kzel81 September 2007

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There are many things that can help towards building a strong and secure relationship, but the most important thing is - you! Are you comfortable with yourself, with your life, with your choices? Could you survive on your own? You may not want to, but could you?

If you're not happy with yourself, then any relationship you have is going to be a filler - filling the holes in yourself that you should be fixing yourself. To have a happy and successful relationship, you need to be whole before entering into any sort of partnership.

Once you can honestly say that you're happy with yourself, and your choices, then you can look towards building a solid relationship with someone. Be confident about yourself - no one wants to date someone who is constantly looking for outside reassurance.

Before chosing a partner, ask yourself what it is you're after from them and the relationship.

If you're after stability and security, picking someone up at a bar or club probably isn't going to lead to happily ever after.

Choose someone you can talk to, someone who makes you smile, someone who makes you happy - not just some of the time, but all the time. Maybe they're not on the 100 all time most attractive list, maybe they don't have an exciting job, or one that pays an extraordinary salary, but if they make you happy then that's all that matters.

If you share some of the same interests, then that can only add to the bond. You don't have to be mirrors, or replica's of each other, but if you have a basis, a starting point then you'll always find that there are things you can talk about and do together.

Most importantly, if you've decided it's time to start looking...