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Name - Jake Smyth Creative Production Promotion


I have been asked to investigate and recommend improvements for promoting organisations, products and services aimed at different target markets.

Task 1 - A description of the promotional mix used by two selected Organisations for a selected product or service. P1

Below I have selected two organisations and described how they promote their products and services. The two organisations I will be describing in detail are; Burns Pet Nutrition and Tesco.

Firstly, I will explain and describe some key terms used in Creative Product Promotion and give examples which are relevant to my two chosen organisations.

Advertising - Definition and Purpose

Advertising is persuading customers to buy or use a business' product or service. The purpose is to raise awareness about the product/service in the chosen target market, inform them about the details and then finally persuade them to use/buy it.

The main objectives of Advertising are;

To increase Market Share

Educate/inform the market

Explain the features of the product/service

Explain how the product can be used

Convey brand image and raise brand awareness

Promoting new versions and improvements of an existing product

There are many different methods or tools used to promote products. These advertising methods might include;


Publicity and Public Relations

Corporate image/communication

Direct Marketing


Sales Promotions

Personal Selling

There are many things that the business has to consider when choosing the type of advertising it is going to use. Some of these factors might be;

Target market and media exposure

Type of market

Cost versus benefit

Budget and timing requirements

Stable markets or fluctuating markets

Managers in a business can also use tools called "Communication Models" which can help them to develop successful promotional messages. These models help the business focus on the elements that need...