Creative Writing entitled 'The First Incident'- The stimulus of the genre of horror - later used to inspire a GCSE drama play

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I was young when the 'first incident' occurred, five, possibly 6 years old. The family had recently moved to a new house, an 'old' new house, full of large drudgery rooms and haunting Georgian hallways. Sophisticated hallways that overwhelmed my unrefined self. The previous owners had taken less than perfect care of the house, the erstwhile wallpaper shedding its aged skin.

I would say roughly a month after moving in I remember lying in bed. Restlessly fidgeting, unable to surrender to sleep, I rolled from the wall to my dresser, a feeling of unease flooding me. The ambiance of the room didn't feel right. If there was such a feeling as 'right', this defiantly was not 'it'.

Focussing my eyes as best I could in the dark, I realised I was seeing my reflection, however from what I could recall I was not wearing a red nightgown when I climbed into bed that evening.

A double take confirmed this, as a slight girl, age unknown stood in front of the window in my room. Dressed in attire of a red nightgown, yet otherwise white. It appeared that she was staring into the garden for some reason I could not confirm. Yet as I watched her, I succumbed to the haul of sleep, feeling no menace about her.

After I awoke, some hours later, that feeling immediaty changed.

The temperature in the room decreased almost 20 degrees as she pivoted from the window and stared directly at me.

At first you could say I was stunned, bewildered at her reason for being here. But as she began to approach the bed, her face changed from its calm facade to a truly malevolent portrait. At about the same time, I remember a music box of mine commencing a sweet...