Creative writing about relation with a story a good base for ideas. Realtion to self and standards, morals ad beliefs about marrying someone

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Some of Brady's characterization of a wife has remained the same. My opinion is that the husband who wants a "wife" to do everything, just wants a wife to be his slave and does all his duties. Women are more independent nowadays than the earlier years. I believe that men and women should both have equal duties when they're either married or together. I believe that both the husband and wife should both do the household chores, to watching the kids to even paying house bills. If the wife in Brady's definition seems to not have any self esteem in herself or even love herself but put up with his responsibilities not even worrying about her. I believe that before "I" get into a relationship, I will set standards and marry the man I believe; my morals and beliefs, to treat me fairly and respectfully that putting myself in a long life misery for the future.

I will make decisions in the long run, knowing in my heart that both I and the future husband will be able to make equal decisions. If someone was to demand me and treat me like the story, it would only push me away and I would take off in an instant. Time has changed but there is still that percentage how women will act and remain like the story.