Creative writing about Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

Essay by W0Nluv May 2002

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My whole life I have been told what to do. As a child, my parents had the life they wanted me

to live sketched out in their minds. From the way I learned, they way I dressed, what I should

and shouldn't believe in, to what I was supposed to know and think. When I was young I

listened to everything they said and was molded perfectly into what they wanted me to be.

They're my parents, and so I would do whatever they said without question, becuase I thought

that whatever they told me was the right thing to do. But as I grew older, and grew more of an

understanding for life, my thoughts as an individual grew broader. I grew smarter and my

perspective on many things changed. The things that I used to do willingly for my parents, was

now being forced upon me, with consequences following if there was any dispute.

I understood

why they did this, so I did not fight it. At the same time I didn't give up to it. I still believed that

I should be able to live my life the way I find best.

Like the traveler I had the choice between the life I wanted to live and the life my

parents had mapped out for me. Throughout the younger years of my childhood is when I, like

the traveler, stood long and thought about which life would be better for me to live. Which path

would have been more fullfilling to take. And after analyzing each of my choices, I chose to live

my life the way I wanted to. I saw it, as the traveler saw the path, as a life that needed wear,

because a lot of the peope I know live the...