Creative writing task: "Kaffir Boy" by Mark Mathabane

Essay by staffy March 2005

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John Malone, renowned television interviewer, entered the stage left of the television camera and waited for the audience applause to abate.

"Hi, this is John Malone and welcome to the show. Today I will be talking to Wilfred Horn. Wilfred was the coach and sponsor of Mark Mathabane during Mark's teens. Wilfred also helped Mark to get a scholarship to Limestone College, a tennis college here in South Carolina in the USA. Without Wilfred's help Mark's dreams of becoming a world class tennis player would have never come true. Mark, as you should know, is number eighty-nine on the world tennis circuit and has just published his first book "Kaffir Boy", which details the deprivations that he went through whilst growing up in the ghettos of South Africa, during Apartheid," said John.

Wilfred an athletic looking fifty year old man appeared and walked briskly out onto the brightly lit television stage.

After shaking hands warmly with Malone, he sat down confidently into the luxurious black leather seat.

John leaned forward in his chair.

"Wilfred Horn, it's a pleasure to have you with us today."

"Thank you, John it's a pleasure to be here," was Horn's brisk reply.

"Wilfred, can you explain that faint trace of an accent in your voice that we can hear?"

"Actually, I don't have an accent. Everyone else does!"

Laughter ripples through the audience.

Wilfred continued, "Well, I was born in Eastern Germany in 1936 into a wealthy family, which explains the accent. In the early 1960's I decided to move to South Africa. A couple of years later I met Norma, my wife. We decided to build a tennis ranch shortly after that. In 1983 we decided to leave South Africa and we now live in Canada"

"Why did you leave South Africa?"

"After hearing...