Crest of the Green Leaf: Entry Five

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16th Day of the 3rd Month

I don't know how Father managed to endure the monotony. All day it was nothing but debating. Round and round we went; the Counselors endlessly repeating themselves. It's impossible to determine whether they are for or against a war with Black Arrow.

Speaking thus, it's apparent that news does indeed have wings. Black Arrow and the other neighboring kingdoms have already heard about Father's death. Some have sent their sympathy and regards; while others are using this as an opportunity to consolidate their power over us by saying I am too young and not fit to rule.

But the most astonishing message was sent by Prince Kol. He wants to marry me! He has said that if I agree to marry him, and join our two kingdoms, he won't declare war on us. The nerve! After all he's done to threaten our kingdom; he wants me to marry him! Never!

Oh dear! Rolu has just come in, weeping.

I'm guessing that either Eirik or Davyn has told him of our parents' fate. I must comfort him now.


Rolu sleeps now. His tears are spent, as are mine. We wept together, clinging desperately to the memory of our parents.

Reading over my earlier entry, I see know that my reaction was that of a child's; not a Queen's. I cannot afford to allow myself to be ruled by emotions. I can also see that an alliance as strong as that one would mean an averted war, but I know a great deal about Prince Kol. He is a hard man, almost cruel. Though he is handsome, there is nothing virtuous about him. He is cold and calculating. My guess is that he does not wish to marry me for love, but merely to...