Crime In Rio

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As a criminology student, the examination and analysis of the documentary entitled "City of God, Guns and Gangs" deemed interesting and empirical as it took the viewers, especially those who understand criminological arguments, to a different degree. The dilemma which will be explained includes the violent drug gangs in over 600 favelas in Rio de Jenerio which weigh heavily on the murder rate of Brazil to be the highest in the world. To address the issue presented, three criminological theories including Social Disorganization Theory, Strain Theory and Social Learning Theory will be used to investigate the crime problem seen in Rio de Jenerio. This will be done as a mechanism to reveal why one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities are engulfed with uncontrollable criminal activities. The funnel model will be used to justify the crime obstacle in Rio de Jenerio commencing from a broad perspective by focusing on the society, moving to the individuals engaging in the activities and filtered to the young and upcoming generation.

In the video, the journalist Mariana Van Zeller took a behind the scenes look of the underlying issues of violence and chaos in the slums of Rio de Jeneiro where drug gangs operate with no regard for human life. The government officials are now stepping in after decades of turning the other way which resulted in such a beautiful destination becoming a breathing ground for drug traffickers. However, the question remains as to whether this detrimental dilemma can be resolved before hundreds of thousands of tourists make their way to Brazil for the World cup and Olympics. The before and after scenes of the pacification process adapted by the official were examined in the video but the...