Critical Thinking

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'Critical Thinking' is defined by the author as an awareness of a set of interrelated critical questions, plus the ability and willingness to ask and answer them at appropriate times. 'Decision-Making' is defined as a careful definition of the problem, an exhaustive search for information, generation of numerous alternatives, and a calculated choice among the alternatives. Both terms bear an intimate relation because everyone is faced with problems or challenges in his/her daily lives, but it's our reaction to these adversities that determine the outcome. In my opinion it's impossible to successfully master ' critical thinking' without enhancing decision-making skills. Unfortunately, several factors such as: strenuous deadlines, lack of information, decreased opportunities, fear of speaking up, and uncomfortable environments can tremendously hinder a vast majority from developing these skills.

My definition of a 'critical thinker' would be an individual who:

Thinks before they speaks - This trait allows you to take the time to absorb what you've heard and figure out if you really understand it.

This prevents you from blurting out senseless, and meaningless responses. It allows you to cater your words carefully towards your audience. The benefit of 'thinking before you speak' would be the prevention of embarrassment and making offensive comments.

Passionate Listener - It's hopeless to truly hear what another person is saying if you are constantly interrupting. The benefit of being a 'passionate listener' is being able to communicate properly, gather all pertinent information, and not being perceived as 'rude'.

Gathers all pertinent information - Diligently try to understand all parties point of view, reasons, and opinions even if they are completely opposite from your own.

This benefit allows you to gain insight from another person's perspective, and it broadens your horizons. Chances...