Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking Paper

Critical Thinking is being able to validate arguments and having a general skepticism towards statements and knowledge. Critical thinking is also being able to ask the right questions at the right times to gather the appropriate information when necessary.

"Critical thinking includes the ability to respond to material by distinguishing between facts and opinions or personal feelings, judgments and inferences, inductive and deductive arguments, and the objective and subjective. It also includes the ability to generate questions, construct, and recognize the structure of arguments, and adequately support arguments; define, analyze, and devise solutions for problems and issues; sort, organize, classify, correlate, and analyze materials and data; integrate information and see relationships; evaluate information, materials, and data by drawing inferences, arriving at reasonable and informed conclusions, applying understanding and knowledge to new and different problems, developing rational and reasonable interpretations, suspending beliefs and remaining open to new information, methods, cultural systems, values and beliefs and by assimilating information"( MCC).

I feel this last description by the Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City, is the best description of critical thinking that I have seen as it did not leave much to the imagination.

Decision making, on the other hand, is the usually one of the outcomes of critical thinking. These two processes work hand in hand. To make decisions about problems, one has to use critical thinking skills, and apply them to each step to the decision-making process chosen. Otherwise, the decisions being made, may not of had the required attention, and unplanned outcomes may result. Decision-making is used to solve problems and it is important that the person or persons making the decision, understand all of the aspects of the problem, and can make an informed decision by weighing all options and alternatives.

Sometimes decisions need to...