Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking PHL251

Ms. Mayer

March 19, 2002

Metaphors In My Nest:

A Descriptive Essay

As metaphors in the language we communicate with change, our understanding of the universe and the world around us also change (Goodpaster, Kirby, & Levine, 1994). The metaphors that I would use to describe my own life have changed constantly throughout my life. As my knowledge of my own language has increased through childhood and through adulthood, through schooling and experience, my metaphors that I would use to describe the things around me have diversified. As a child, my metaphors were limited to the language that I knew. As I was taught more language, my ability to use metaphors increased. As an adult scholar, I have enjoyed the opportunity to increase my creative thinking, which has had the pleasant after-effect of allowing me to communicate with others, and interpret the world using more creative and imaginative metaphors.

Throughout my changing life, with my changing vocabulary and parlance, I am able to now see that my use of metaphors is like an electronic circuit. Electronic circuits can be changed to do what you want them to, as can metaphors. These circuits can be manipulated and as increased current is fed through a circuit, the more you can accomplish in terms of power. As I have fed more current into my use of metaphors, so have I created new power with my vocabulary.

As a child, I swooped like a young eagle onto these metaphors, coming at them from behind, stalking them to find out what sustenance they could offer me if I were to take a large bite into them and chew firmly on their secrets. Being inexperienced and timid, I was cautious, not knowing if what was in front of me would be satiating to...