Critical Thinking and Language

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As Tom Cochrane sang in one of his songs that was released in 1991, I believe that "Life is a Highway." Life has its many ups and downs, lefts and rights, and different routes that you can choose to take. There are obstacles that you need to overcome while you are on your journey through life as well as wherever you may be driving. Sometime's you can run into some construction or an accident that will slow you down just like you can run into problems in your life that will slow you down. I once had to wait to get some school papers straightened out all because I had forgotten to date a page that I had faxed. I had to date the page and then refax the papers. Talk about something minor, in my opinion, holding me up.

I also believe that life can be compared to a roller coaster.

There are twists, turns, and flips that you might not be ready for and you are not sure which direction you may be headed. There are different types of roller coasters that could be compared to the different stages in one's life. Easy times in you life could be like one of those really small children's coasters at the county fair that does not go very fast and does not have many bumps. Rough times that one encounters such as a death of someone close would be like the Demon Drop at Cedar's Point in Ohio. You are taken really high up, sit there not knowing when the ride will start and then all of a sudden, the bottom falls out and you are plummeting downward fast.

Critical Thinking and Language

Critical thinking has been defined differently by many people with all of them having their...