Cultural Autobiograghy of being a white woman. Advantages and disadvantages of being a white woman.

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Cultural Autobiography paper

How could being a white female be a different experience than the other gender or race? There are many examples in life that can point out the facts, but what exactly makes that difference? Being a white woman I understand that I have more privileges than other ethnic cultures. In contrast, however, because I am a woman I also have disadvantages. Looking back on my life I thought about why I do the things that I do, and exactly where I got them from. My parents are almost the complete opposite. Getting qualities from both perspectives helped to shape the character that I am today.

Looking back on the moments in my life, I have noticed how independent that my mom was. Working all her life, most of the time two jobs, helped to make me the hardworking person that I am today. Even though disapproving family members looked down upon her and my father, she still worked as much as she could to get to the status that we have today.

Thinking about the person that I have become, I see more and more how I follow in my mother's footsteps. Being as though I was fifteen, I applied for my first job and have been working ever since. Now matter who I marry, or how much money I have I will continue to work. Even though women in the workforce is becoming more and more accepted, other members of the family and even my boyfriend's family have not kept up with the times. Still they believe that women should stay at home with the kids while they provide. Coming into college I had to decide on my future. I have always wanted to be a nurse. Talking to a guy friend of mine, the subject...