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"Culture is a way of life of people, it is human made, and is always changed." Culture is something that is learned, and is adapted by the people who live in the same area in a one culture system. Culture is a way of life for a population, and it is made of all different kinds of behaviors that have been learned and passed on through many generations. Culture exists among people who have the same kind of beliefs and values, institution, and technology.

"There are two classifications of knowledge regarding culture which a marketer should posses to cope with the problems of a different culture." The first is the factual knowledge of the culture, which usually is obvious and must be known or learned. The second is the interpretive knowledge, "an ability to understand and to appreciate fully the nuances of different cultural traits and patterns." A person is either "cultured" or "uncultured."

The difference between both is that a cultured person has acquired ability in a specialized field of knowledge usually in, music, art, literature, and has good manners.

The social institution includes three aspects of life in a cultural environment; Social Organization, Education, and Political Structure. These aspects are "concerned with the ways in which people related to one another, organized their activities in order to live in harmony with one another, teach acceptable behavior to succeeding generations, and govern themselves."

Ways in understanding these cultural realms of the world is to detail it by country. For example, Southwest Asian-North Africa culture realms have been known as the Arab world. The overriding cultural quality is influenced by the Islamic religion. Islam is more than just a religion it is a way of life.

"The difference in the sense of time in various cultures is a...